Your full name and address is usually printed at the top left, and may contain your phone number.
American Bankers Association (ABA) - Used for routing information.
Preferably today's date. Banks usually charge a fee for holding them (if future dates are specified), while some checks are not honored after 6-9 months.
Usually a 3-4 digit number for easy identification.
the recipient individual/company
Amount of dollars and cents paid notated numerically.
Spelled-out amount of dollars and cents paid.
Your bank's name and branch, address, and contact information.
A quick comment or remark, like "rent."
Your signature. Your bank has a copy of this on file in case of check fraud.
A 9-digit number used to determine where to route your check. This is usually first; to the left of the Account Number.
Your bank account number. Length varies depending on bank. It is usually positioned to the right of the RTN.

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